First week contemplations!

It’s been an exciting first week of 2018!

I launched my first consulting brand including a daily connection tip and “friend Friday”, where I will share one of my fabulous friend connections and how we connected.

My second announcement was my affiliation as Chief Operations Officer of an amazing global women-owned company, She Is Fierce!

These two opportunities are fulfilling my dreams of supporting women and therefore the world, while being able to put more energy into being a wife, mother and daughter.

I cannot wait for week two, as I announce more developments with both ventures and look to lead with my passion to ensure my purpose of working for equality continues to manifest.

Be sure to check the Daily Connect to help inspire you on something you can do each day to grow your connections with the world and yourself.

Lets curate together soon!


Today’s the day!

After much contemplation, coaching, and consulting, I have decided to take a
step towards my new future. To go after my dreams and my passions. Stay tuned as more unfolds in the coming weeks. Let’s connect to see how we can work together or partner to make a true impact on the world.

Can’t wait to get started today!