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Throughout my career working with corporations, universities and non-profits, I have never accomplished anything without using the power of connections. Over the years I have realized there is a true art to cultivating your connections. To ensuring they grow and yield fruitful relationships to benefit you both personally and professionally.

At connections curator, I help you navigate the world of connections. By understanding how to grow and use your connections, you have the power to take control of both your personal and professional growth. Connections truly are the key to success. And I am here to help you achieve your dreams.

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Hi, I am Stephanie “Steph” McFee, your connections curator.

I started learning the power of connections at an early age in my small home town. By the time I was in my teens, I had already started building connections that would carry me into my career.

The most important thing I learned early on was the power of “the ask” and letting go of the fear of “the no”. Those two pieces of learning gave me the most powerful tools I would ever need to be successful and to go after my dreams.

I have been fortunate in my life to have had the opportunity to test many different work arenas.  I started out teaching at university level, then moved in to working for a corporation and then the non-profit sector. The majority of my work has also been focused on empowering women. Women are natural connectors, but not always great at “the ask” and “the no”.

Through a recent change of events, I was given the opportunity to review my next career move. By leaning into my many wonderful mentors and connections, I learned that I had a gift that I had been teaching many of them over the course of my career. How to make meaningful and powerful connections.

Now I am taking the model I have used my entire life, and sharing it with others.

My goal – to help people truly achieve their dreams and realize that they have the power to do it all within reach. The power lies in the connections.

If you are eager to understand more about connectivity and the power of the connections you have or could build, call on your connections curator. Together we can unlock your own connections collection and give you the power you always had.

Next Steps

Are you looking to grow your connections to grow YOU & your business?

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Services include:

Curate YOU: working on yourself is the most critical component and first steps to ensuring you make meaningful connections that can impact both you and your life. This is offered in two formats:

Online course: Join me as we offer a course that walks you through the five steps proven to help you reconnect with yourself, outline your goals and implement a plan to curate your connections.  The course is 6 weeks with 5 online workshops, an online community and weekly live discussions. First course opening June 2018!

One on one coaching:  On top of the Curate YOU! course, you will receive weekly one on one deep dives with me to discuss your progress, reset and outline your goals.

Curate your business: Just as a museum cares and curates art, your business connections need constant care and curation. Working together, we follow the curation model to outline new goals and strategy to drive new revenues. My expertise focuses on identifying the “low hanging fruit” and outlining a strategy to open new doors and/or grow existing funnels of revenue.

Remember – connections are not just for business growth or finding new jobs, but also for personal development such as motherhood, relationships, and overall growth.

Connections Curator can help you know what you need and how to ask for it.

Let’s curate together! Schedule an appointment by emailing me at steph@stephaniemcfee.com.